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We were blessed to have found the perfect spot for our little shop, a must see if you are intrigued by old buildings. 

After looking at more modern venues, we came across this spot almost by accident and like a bird looking for a place to build a nest we walked 20 feet in the door and said "this is it!" and have loved our landlord, the welcome we received by residents of Dallas and in a short time built a customer following companies work years to achieve.

Housed in what was the Crider building when it was built at the turn of the century. Originally a softgoods store for what we believe some 40 years, it later became Haas Drugs, until the late part of the last millennium. It has since been restaurants, a art gallery, a event center and most recently a book store.

With such a rich history, many locals said it was haunted by someone previously involved with one of the prior shops, but we think if he does exist, he likes what is happening here now days, apparently happy again with care and its use, we have not had anything but good vibes by any spirits that may call this home.

We have a area on the upper inside wall that we did not paint. We found six signatures in pencil by children, dated 1917 and 1918.  We have worked with the Polk County historical society to help us trace these. Two turned out to be "Crider" kids, one of the other kids signatures turned out to be Fred Stinnett who joined the army in 1918, then returned to work retail in Dallas for 46 years, passing away a well respected fixture in town in 1962 at the age of 70.

We also have a partition on display that was painted for this building when it was an event center by a local artist. His name was Joe Harris. Joe went to Hollywood to seek his fame, becoming a successful set designer, working on major projects like the sets for the movie "Titanic"

On our ceiling is the original "tin" panels, refurbished and beautiful.

All and all, this makes our venue a comfortable experience, with the final touch, music from the 40's, big band, swing, war time hits, you'll recognize many of them as songs your parents whistled.