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DELIVERIES:  We try not to be in the delivery business since our staff is limited and time is precious.  So we ask you to pick up the items you purchase, but we understand, not everyone can do that.

We try to accommodate light deliveries at our earliest convenience and nominal charge. In the case of larger pieces, we can make arrangements to have them delivered, however those fees will be higher due to the man power required.  This is nothing we intend to profit from and will advise on a case by case basis.

CONSIGNMENT SALES:  We do a limited amount of consignment sales, mostly furniture, few small items.  If you want more information, please email us a picture of item, or bring it by.  We will also give you a complete contract to review.  Its clear and easy to understand to protect both our shop and the consignors.  (30% of preagreed to sale price, in shop for maximum of 90 days)

APPRAISALS:  We don't claim to be authorities by any stretch of the imagination, however we are often around many of the items you may be curious about, we will gladly try to help determine a value, or find someone that would be better suited to answer your question, and the best way to sell your item if we're not the ideal place. Our free advise is and will remain free and is to be considered one persons opinion.

BOOTH SPACE: We have a very limited amount of space for outside dealers, but do on occasion have spaces open, so if that is something of interest, please leave your name at the desk to be called in the event we have an opening.

BUYING ITEMS: We will purchase various items, furniture, limited amounts of art, glass etc.  We will be frank in our opinion of your items and do our best to be fair on our bids, if we can't use it, or it may be out of our budget or just something we can't use at the time we will try to direct you to someone that may be interested in your items.  We reserve the right to decline any item.